As Hugo Amsellem pointed this out in simple words, we’re also trying to better connect with our Community (free advertising for you Hugo 😉)

We’ve not chosen to move to /although one day we may consider it/ but to relocate to and experiment it for a little while.

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Raph, Founder UPCOMINGVC®

More that 30 startups participated to our first 2 Venture Capital Investment Challenges in 2017, joining from 5 different countries, in 9 different verticals, 53% of which were fundraising an average round size of €560k, 53% of which had already raised an average round size of €150k.

We thought we’d like to share with our followers on Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Medium what these startups have been up to since they attended the Challenges.

We call this new Series: #Runway.

Photo by Pietro Mattia on Unsplash

Follow up with all the inspiring entrepreneurs who participated to our Venture Capital Investment Challenges, along their startups’…

As we’re in the process of organizing the 3rd UPComingVC Venture Capital Investment Challenge, with a particular focus on SaaS / Consumer Goods from Seed to Series A/B, we thought the opportunity was great to stop for a minute and look back in figures to our 2 first events we’ve organized in 2017.

Photo by Vincent Botta on Unsplash

About the Events.

Edition 2: November 16–17, 2017 @ STATION F, Paris, France
Edition 1: April 27–18, 2017 @ FUSION, Geneva, Switzerland

8’000+ minutes of simulated due diligence meetings 330 due diligence workshops 360 minutes of Challenger’s Demo Day 53 Challenger Pitches 90 minutes of fireside chats…

We have been quite busy over the past few months, analyzing valuable feedback from former participants and meeting with other stakeholders (VCs / Startups / Accelerators) across Europe, in order to sharpen the concept and make it more engaging after our Venture Capital events terminate.

Want a refresher 🎥 on our two previous events? Watch the aftermovies of edition 1 at Fusion (Geneva) & edition 2 at Station F (Paris).

The ecosystem needs to understand how to introduce things to VCs, and why we take this or this decision […]. It is a good opportunity for us to…

5 months after the success of the 1st edition in Geneva 🇨🇭 at FUSION, we are excited to announce the 2nd edition of UPComing VC, a Venture Capital Investment Challenge, in collaboration with Schoolab! 💥

  • STARTUPS: train to the fundraising exercise with prominent VCs giving you their insights to Raise Better.

Apply here 👉

  • CHALLENGERS: be the “VCs for a day” and train to analyse real startups with prominent VCs giving you their insights to Invest Better.

Apply here 👉

  • VCs: meet promising entrepreneurs to add to your dealflow and identify skilled & connected young people to onboard…

There are many tips out there on the best practices in Venture Capital and the available resources are infinite.

The idea here is not to shed light on bad habits that have never been addressed so far.

Rather to stress again the importance to abide by commonly accepted rules and attitudes to adopt in particular social transactions: for example sending a pitchdeck to VCs, asking for an intro etc.

It is a matter of education. Educating people is a loop. Again and again. And again.

The more the Baker kneads his dough, the tastier, the less flawed the bread and…

Pitch contests, hackathons, startups Demo Days and the likes are all the rage in the startup ecosystem. Put aside any immediate product development, fundraising, branding or sales objectives, they definitely contribute to nurturing an innovative & entrepreneurial mindset, fostering a community of doers as well as raising the awareness of the profane. That is fair enough and their occurrences should grow.

Common tech-related events usually are mostly geared towards the benefits for startups themselves. One-sided.

Yet, as useful and essential as these conventional formats might be, they do not address one particular set of interests: how to become a VC?


Our mission is to elevate the understanding of the VCs methods through practice to help better raise and better invest.

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