Announcing the 3rd Edition of “UPComingVC: a Venture Capital Investment Challenge”

We have been quite busy over the past few months, analyzing valuable feedback from former participants and meeting with other stakeholders (VCs / Startups / Accelerators) across Europe, in order to sharpen the concept and make it more engaging after our Venture Capital events terminate.

Want a refresher 🎥 on our two previous events? Watch the aftermovies of edition 1 at Fusion (Geneva) & edition 2 at Station F (Paris).

The ecosystem needs to understand how to introduce things to VCs, and why we take this or this decision […].
It is a good opportunity for us to explain to everyone what our methods are, what we expect as information.” Raffi, VC @ Alven, member of the Jury
It is very rare to meet students who want to join the small and weird VC world, so it is nice to be able to give them feedback [..] It also raises us questions what we do or we should do better. It is a super good event and I hope there will be many editions.” Willy, VC @ daphni, member of the Jury.
We never had an event that was that closely related to VCs, a workshop between VCs, startups and students. […] It comes at the right moment as we are fund raising right now, so having the whole due diligence and VC-type question process before, falls a the right time. Everyone has been very into the event and pumped up about it. […] The feeling is very much positive.” Alexei, CEO & Cofounder @ TasteHit.
Thank you all the team for this great event. Worked hard and played hard. Well done! […] It was absolutely amazing because we had so many different companies and we have the chance to interact with all of them […] and learn about the role of a VC, understand what they do, how they make a valuation, have a real-life test.” Dominique, Challenger member of the winning team.

As we’re stil in the very early stage of designing the first-of-a-kind “Startup & Venture Capital Education Platform” that goes beyond the venture capital investment challenges you’ve experienced (yet we don’t do Sales / Hiring / Product), we need time and your support!

But here we are.

“brown track and field” by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

We’re excited to announce the 3rd Edition of “UPComingVC: a Venture Capital Investment Challenge”.

🗓 When? January 28, 2019
🗼 Where? Station F, Paris
🚀 What? Focused on SaaS and Consumer Goods
📣 Who? In partnership with Schoolab, Les Pépites Tech (the official comprehensive startup directory from La French Tech),, Estimeo… and more to be announced soon.

Apply now to participate

An event designed for

Startups: Train to raise funds. Connect with VCs for your next round.
Aspiring VCs: Train to become VCs. Connect with VCs for a potential job.
VCs: Share your methods. Spot young, skilled, aspiring VCs and meet entrepreneurs.


Launching the UPComingVC “Community Platform”

We’ve listened very carefully to Reid Hoffman (@PayPal, @LinkedIn, @Greylock):

“If You’re Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late”,

so we decided to launch our own Community Platform, with restricted access to former participants. Even if this tool works smoothly, things & features will be fixed as we go. This Community Platform helps former participants to:

1⃣ connect again with each other; 2⃣ engage with each other by (un)friending & (un)following, messaging each other; 3⃣ post news / comments on your timeline; 4⃣ create / join groups (IoT, InsurTech, Blockchain, AI…) focusing on thematics you care about to share thoughts & ideas; 5⃣ meet the new participants to the upcoming editions


See you on Jan. 28, 2019 @ Station F!