Introducing the #Runway Series.

More that 30 startups participated to our first 2 Venture Capital Investment Challenges in 2017, joining from 5 different countries, in 9 different verticals, 53% of which were fundraising an average round size of €560k, 53% of which had already raised an average round size of €150k.

We thought we’d like to share with our followers on Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Medium what these startups have been up to since they attended the Challenges.

We call this new Series: #Runway.

Photo by Pietro Mattia on Unsplash

Follow up with all the inspiring entrepreneurs who participated to our Venture Capital Investment Challenges, along their startups’ journey. They are deeply mission-driven.

The format is a quick “interview” with 3 questions:

1- What has been a key, critical milestone reached since the challenge.
2- Where the startup is heading to in the next 6 to 12 months.
3- A quick take/insight on the target market, which will show their expertise.

You are a Startup and participated to our Venture Capital Investment Challenges? Fill in your own #Runway Series here >>