Quick facts about our 2 first Venture Capital Investment Challenges.

As we’re in the process of organizing the 3rd UPComingVC Venture Capital Investment Challenge, with a particular focus on SaaS / Consumer Goods from Seed to Series A/B, we thought the opportunity was great to stop for a minute and look back in figures to our 2 first events we’ve organized in 2017.

Photo by Vincent Botta on Unsplash
About the Events.

Edition 2: November 16–17, 2017 @ STATION F, Paris, France
Edition 1: April 27–18, 2017 @ FUSION, Geneva, Switzerland

8’000+ minutes of simulated due diligence meetings
330 due diligence workshops
360 minutes of Challenger’s Demo Day
53 Challenger Pitches
90 minutes of fireside chats from thought leaders and partners
3 keynotes: blockchain, near space industry, quantum AI risk prediction

About the Startups.

33 startups on 100+ applications
Joining from 5 different countries
9 different verticals
53% were fundraising an average round size of €560k
53% had already raised an average round size of €150k

About the Challengers.

53 challengers on 170+ applications
Joining from 9 different countries and 10 different nationalities
24 median age
25 different schools / universities
50%+ still students and with a job already

About the VCs.

19 Venture Capital firms & 1 M&A boutique: Alven Capital, AngelSquare, Astorya.vc, CapHorn, daphni, EarlyBird VC, Elaïa, GFC, Indiana Capital, investiere, ISAI, Kima ventures, Kreaxi, Otium, Partech, Polytech Ecosystem Ventures, Seedstars, UnternehmerTUM VC, Ventech, eCap Partner
3 different countries
More than 1’500 investments, in 1’200+ startups
210+ startup exits

Interested in participating to our Next Venture Capital Challenge?

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🗓 When? January 28, 2019
🗼 Where? Station F, Paris
🚀 What? If you’re a SaaS / Consumer Goods Startup, that’s for you. Seed (with revenue traction) and Series A to B.
📣 Who? In partnership with Schoolab, Les Pépites Tech (the official French Tech comprehensive startup directory), Eldorado.co, Estimeo… and more to be announced soon.
🎥 Want a refresher on our two previous events? Watch the aftermovies of edition 1 at Fusion (Geneva) and edition 2 at Station F (Paris).
🔥 The VCs who’ve already confirmed their participation: Alven — IDInvest — ISAI — Serena — CapHorn — Global Founders Capital (GFC) — Point Nine Capital (Berlin) — EQT Ventures (Stockholm)

What is UPComingVC?
  • Entrepreneurs need to better know how to talk to VCs to better target them when they fundraise and know how to introduce things to VCs
  • It is impossible for student or young professionals to join the VC world as investors, because there’s no job offer.
  • VCs have a lot to share to the ecosystem yet have few opportunities to do so. Also, finding alternative ways to identify entrepreneurs & potential hirees is key to stay ahead of the curve
  • UPComingVC is not a regular pitch contest, it is an immersive Venture Capital Investment Challenge where all the participants play the serious game of a fundraising round between Startups and VCs in an innovative format. In parallel to ad-hoc events, we’re also building ambassadors’ programs and partnering with schools/accelerators to build a proper continuing Venture Capital Education.
Two Testimonials from VCs about the events
  • “The ecosystem needs to understand how to introduce things to VCs, and why we take this or this decision […]. It is a good opportunity for us to explain to everyone what our methods are, what we expect as information.” Raffi Partner @ Alven
  • “It is very rare to meet students who want to join the small and weird VC world, so it is nice to be able to give them feedback [..] It also raises us questions what we do or we should do better. It is a super good event and I hope there will be many editions.” Willy Partner @ daphni