Our Goal to Create a Strong Third Party

We are looking to forge a new party to challenge the Red and Blue today. We represent ourselves with Red, White and Blue to establish our goal to balance political policies between conservative spending, and democratic rights for the poor and unrepresented. We have created the beginnings of a vast policy page on our FaceBook and website to highlight our key issues. As time goes on we update as they change.

Our Goal: To give the American People a direct line to the politicians they elect. We want to make political engagement a reality instead of a pseudo right. Currently we ‘can’ get involved, but the trouble is almost more than it is worth. The work to get your voice heard in today’s political system is astounding. The number one goal we have is to challenge and change that. Then we focus on economic and fiscal policy that is not based on theism. Regardless of our founder’s beliefs, we keep our personal morals off the table, unless they are general and wide sweeping. It is high time American government reflected the diversity of it’s people’s ethics.

We currently have chosen to support Sen. Sanders for all our Democratic and Independent constituents. Republicans are usually not inclined to vote blue often, so our secondary choice for those who don’t like Sen. Sanders is Gov. Kasich. He is by far the more trustworthy Republican. At least he has some experience as a Governor to show he has been effective.

Until we can get enough support to push our own candidate, we will evaluate all options and support the candidate most akin to our beliefs.

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