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Dave Zhao may have a key to unlock the future of biofuel — University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Paul Roebber can’t change the weather, but he’s still revolutionizing how it’s predicted — University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

He’s reinventing how we think of concrete, and Konstantin Sobolev’s creations could make potholes disappear — University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

ISU sleep specialist Teresa Valerio reveals the secrets of sleeping well in this Q&A — Illinois State University

English Professor Gabriel Gudding is a nationally lauded poet with an unconventional style. The text excerpts are taken from his handwritten Rhode Island Notebook manuscript.

Nationally acclaimed poet writes for a unique audience in his latest book: nonhuman animals — Illinois State University

Photography by Brian Notess

The seventh row of the periodic table is now complete thanks to some very curious research — University of Tennessee

Photography by Brian Notess.

Engineering intelligent “eyes” to aid those without sight — University of Tennessee

Professor helps solve animal migration mystery — Illinois State University

Georgia Institute of Technology


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