Another partner company joins the URT platform!

Today we are extremely happy to announce that Cirrus Data, a developer of enterprise-class, zero-downtime Data Migration and Caching Servers for legacy to cloud data storage transfer needs, joins the Universal Recognition Token (URT) platform and marketplace.

At the very outset of this journey, one of the top priorities for the team has been to cultivate a strong network of partner companies, both those that specialize in employee engagement, like Surprise HR, and individual companies like Cirrus Data.

As I have mentioned before, early partnerships like this will allow our technical team to build better native solutions in collaboration with our partners, as well as add immediate scale and liquidity to our URT marketplace token holders. When combined, we hope these two will showcase the transformational power that blockchain can have on modern employee recognition and engagement.

As early entrants to the network, they will be privy to all of our early access benefits, including getting to see/test all new features of the network + marketplace before they go live, getting prize auctions front and center for all users to see and many more exciting things.

Universal Recognition Token is not only opening its doors to major, multinational corporations, but SMB, local businesses as well. Our Business Development team is working tirelessly to evangelize our project and we are more than willing to extend a hand to companies of any size and background who want to celebrate + recognize their employees.

We will be posting more company vendor announcements as we roll along + a major product update in the next couple of week, so as always — stay tuned!


Brendan & The URT Team

Universal Recognition Token (URT)

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