The Universal Recognition Token (URT) team at Blockchain Week NYC

We had an incredible time during this year’s Blockchain Week here in NYC, what an experience. First up was the Ethereal Summit, where we got to see heavy hitters like Joseph Lubin (Ethereum Co-Founder) and Aya Miyaguchi (Exec. Dir. Ethereum Foundation) speak at length about the state of crypto and where it’s headed — exciting stuff indeed. Put it this way: last year was a revving of the engines, a “warm up” if you will, for the widespread adoption and continued growth poised to take place this year. The buzz in the room was palpable. I also loved the venue — a grungy warehouse that’s quintessential Queens (perfect spot for a crypto conference, right?).

Next up was the world renowned Consensus conference at the Hilton Midtown — another eye opener. Aside from the surreal, street filled Lamborghini display surrounding the conference on the 1st day, we were blown away by the sheer magnitude of the different tokens, blockchain platforms and various crypto related companies represented. The variety and depth of the attendee list truly speaks to the astronomical growth the crypto space has undergone in the past year alone. It was also cool to hear some big time corporate CEOs, like Fred Smith (CEO of FedEx) call Blockchain the next big corporate disruption. He’s not alone in that sentiment as more and more corporate giants are gearing up to get involved in blockchain. This is an especially good omen for URT as we position ourselves to tackle the B2B SaaS enterprise market. During the genesis of our project last year we asked ourselves, “Will 2018 be the year?” Hearing so many titans of industry eager to adopt blockchain tech, I’d say it’s definitely headed that way.

What’s most encouraging is that I had a chance to speak to many companies that expressed serious interest in using our corporate rewards platform for their employees. I think Universal Recognition Token is perfectly positioned to disrupt the $90B annual corporate rewards market this year and get scores of companies signed up to the platform (which we’re hard at work doing now!), so stay tuned for more.

Take a peek below at some of the best moments from our #BlockchainWeekNYC experiences and share some of your moments in the comments!