Universal Recognition Token partners with Surprise HR, Inc.

Today, the Universal Recognition Token team is happy and proud to announce our first partnership with an up-and-coming employee recognition company — Surprise HR!

With more than 50 companies, including two Fortune 500s, they bring an invaluable expertise in the corporate recognition space as well as immediate scale and liquidity to the Universal Recognition Marketplace. So without further ado, let’s meet the Surprise HR team!

The Surprise HR story, team and experience

Surprise HR entered the employee engagement and rewards space a little less than two years ago with an entirely new approach based on behavioral economics. Instead of giving people the same prizes for pre-set milestones, they leverage the element of surprise by issuing prizes variably, meaning some people win small, some people win really big, and everything in between. This way employees never know what to expect and are highly engaged with each recognition touch point. For those interested in the science behind this novel approach you can read the academic section of Surprise HR’s website here.

Their approach has been so well received by the community that in a very short time they became the exclusive employee recognition vendor to more than 50 companies in the US and abroad.

Surprise HR, Inc.

The team that’s behind this rapid expansion is led by Albert Eloyan (CEO). Albert is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where he received dual Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Shortly after graduating, Albert started a mobile translation SDK called Jargon. The company was selected into the Techstars Batch of 2014, the last under managing director Andy Sack, and were ultimately acquired by Smartling, the leading provider of translation technology in the world.

Damian Rochman (VP Product), also and engineer by trade, graduated from the IDC Herzliya in Israel with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He was VP of Product at Identify Software during their acquisition by BMC Software. Damian will bring a wealth of mobile development expertise to the URT team through our collaboration with Surprise HR, ensuring that our marketplace app is highly functional and modern.

You can read more about Surprise HR’s executive team on their website and company LinkedIn pages here.

Universal Recognition Token use cases

Surprise HR now fulfills more than 10,000 prizes per month all over the world, with millions of dollars worth of annual value, and growing rapidly month over month. What we find really exciting is that their prize inventory has a heavy emphasis on experiences in categories such as dining, travel, entertainment, spas and relaxation, extreme adventures and many others. Surprise HR has agreed that it will add our auction capability to the prizes it fulfills, ensuring that when the URT marketplace launches, there will already be a large and diverse inventory of rare and exciting lots to choose from and bid on. You can get a preview of prizes available on their network by visiting their website here.

The partnership with Surprise HR will also be instrumental to URT as we build out all the infrastructure and components required to operate a global employee rewards marketplace. With Surprise HR, the URT engineering team will now have a real-life use case to develop our partner components for, like the “Auction it” button and external APIs. We will be able to build and test our integrations much quicker, working closely with the Surprise HR team to troubleshoot and refine our marketplace. This will help us grow the Universal Recognition Token much faster, making it attractive to more companies and vendors around the world.


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