DeeplinkSF Explores The Brave New World Of Inter-Connected Apps

Today’s fastest-growing companies are expanding their footprint in the mobile economy by inserting their services into other apps: Take Uber’s “Book a Ride” button in Google Maps, OpenTable’s “Make a Reservation” button in Yelp, or Instacart’s “Buy Ingredients” button in Yummly.

Mobile developers aren’t just building individual destinations for users — they’re building apps as services and empowering third-party developers to integrate those services via API affiliate programs and deep links.

What emerges is a vastly more connected app market, where users “flow seamlessly from need to need, serviced in each state by a particular application without having to pull back, choose a new app, and then dive back in,” says John Battelle, an author and founder of Federated Media.

Next month, Battelle will join a bevy of app builders and digital executives at DeeplinkSF, an invite-only event in San Francisco hosted by URX.

Sessions will explore unanswered questions about the future of inter-connected apps. Will a single interface emerge where we consume all our apps? Will we need to download an app to utilize its services? How will the economics of app partnerships evolve?

The event features a panel discussion on the future of mobile discovery, with John Battelle, Rich Miner, the co-founder of Android, and Aparna Chennapragada, the Director of Product at Google Now.

Mobile growth leads from Uber, Spotify, Yelp and Yummly will join moderator Rich Wong of Accel Partners for a discussion themed around building app partnerships.

In addition, the event will feature live demos from Branch Metrics, URX and Workflow.

Among the topics we plan to explore:

  • Leveraging APIs to elegantly integrate mobile services into a common interface
  • The economics behind today’s app partnerships
  • Cross-app conversion tracking
  • …and much more

Join attendees from Pinterest, Nike, Apple, Hotel Tonight, Lyft, Airbnb, OpenTable, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Request an invite on the conference page at

Written by Nate Hindman, developer relations at URX. A version of this post appeared on the URX blog.