Eating on Campus

The University of York campus is home to a variety of food and drink outlets, perfect to procrastinate from that upcoming essay by gorging on an entire plate of nachos. These tend to cater well for student budgets, as the University runs the policy of “By students, for students”, meaning the food is often cheaper than restaurants in the city. Here’s a quick idea of the food on campus!

The Courtyard- Derwent College — Five spoons out of Five. £

The Courtyard is a chilled restaurant type setting in Derwent College, Heslington West, serving classics such as build-your-own-burgers and salads, as well as the infamous Courtyard nachos-a must try! Directly next to Hendrix Lecture Hall, you could easily roll out of a lecture and straight into a 2 for £5 dessert deal. Or, ideal in summer, sit in the outdoor area and watch as people are chased around the lake by geese.

The Lounge/Roger Kirk Centre-James College — Three spoons out of Five. ££

The Lounge and the Roger Kirk Centre (RKC), are based at James College, also on Heslington West. A slightly more limited menu; they tend to specialise in panini’s, whilst also offering a variety of sandwiches and baguettes. The highlight must be the waffles, served with anything from berries to ice-cream…to berries AND ice-cream! Slightly more expensive, especially with the smoothies, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Kitchen at Alcuin-Alcuin College, next to the library — Three and a half spoons out of Five. ££

The Kitchen is a cosy little café based in Alcuin College, overlooking the rest of the Heslington West campus, and is right next to the Library-perfect for breakfast after a library all-nighter. They generally serve hot drinks and sweet snacks such as muffins and biscuits, and I heartily recommend the bacon baguette mid-study. A pleasant, and not too busy area if you enjoy studying in cafes, but there isn’t too much variety, and it does close at 4 o’clock.

The Glasshouse-Langwith — Four spoons out of Five. £

The Glasshouse, the main outlet on Heslington East campus, is pretty similar to Courtyard in terms of menu. A similar chilled but retro feel to Courtyard, except there’s no physical courtyard area and more…glass! The Glasshouse is still finding its way in the establishment of UoY food places, but offers a good range of paninis, salads, and specials; such as curry of the day. Its real speciality tends to be the 2–4–1 cocktails, but it offers good meals for the East campus, closer to home for those in Constantine, Goodricke and Langwith!

Cookies-Biology Block — Four spoons out of Five. ££

Cookies is a teeny café based in the Biology block, by lecture rooms B/B/002 and B/B/006 on Heslington West. Arguably one of the more underrated café’s on campus, it largely sells baguettes, soup and hot drinks. The highlight here, you may have guessed, is the cookies! A little pricey at 4 for £2.70, but they are some of the best baked goods on campus. Also, service at Cookies tends to be better, and have sometimes offered free hot drinks to exam-stricken students at the end of the day. Similar to Courtyard, useful for that post lecture hunger!

Other notable food outlets on campus include: The Edge, at Wentworth college, Heslington West, and The Library Café, Heslington West. Catered students will have meals from their college dining rooms, respectively, but non-catered students can purchase these meals also. Or, it might be useful to buy a Meals in Advance Deal; offering breakfast from £187.50 per term, to the full deal (with breakfast and dinner) for £510 per term. These dining rooms also tend to serve light bites for catered and non-catered students. Lastly, there are two Nisa stores on Heslington West, one by Vanbrugh college, the other in Halifax college, perfect when stocking up for picnics across campus!