Some people are very creative when it comes to Treats

Top Halloween Candy Surprise

I have a candy question… or let’s say a Halloween question.

Do you like Halloween for the candy or for the costumes? What kind of candy, Chocolate ? I love Snickers and KitKat bars (give me a break), but that is not the only question. I also want to know, what will I wear, the great Halloween Costume question?

These are the two of most asked questions searched on Google’s Trend
What is the most searched treat ? Surprise …it’s Donuts. Yes and and coming in a close second, it’s the “does not melt in your hands”, M&M candy, who would have guessed it, a chocolate candy and my favorite doesn’t even make the top 5. The lovable candy corn is on the list, this is just too sweet for me, but they fit in the lunch bags and don’t melt either. I would like to know what happens to that candy corn at other times of the year. I never heard of Valentine Candy Corn.

Let’s get back to the donuts for Halloween. Dunkin Donuts is widely known here on the east and if you live near one, (I think there is one every 5 miles) you can get a Gift card worth $100 by following this link. Now that is something to kick off your Halloween weekend.

Harley Quinn supervillain

When is Halloween? It is celebrated each year on October 31, it’s roots in age-old European traditions. It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. If you’re like me I am wondering when to get that costume and where. Party City has been around for a while as a go to place, but did you know what the most popular costume is this year? Wonder Woman, power to the females, I think that has been another trend this year, “woman empowerment”. I am all for it after seeing that the clown is in the top 5, with the sexy supervillain Harley Quinn coming in second behind Wonder Woman. So if you’re interested in seeing more costumes visit Party City they are offering a gift card worth $100 if you fill out their survey.

Now let’s talk about the battle of the candy. Dark chocolate, creamy nougat, soft or crunchy. How about the fruity candy like Skittle or Twizzlers? The best in my search results efforts points to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. If you have an opinion on this the candy manufactures are looking for your thoughts and if you want to help check out this link and tell them what you think and you will get a treat for your effort.

The weekend will be filled with Twerking Mummys on the dance floor, carving jack-o-lanterns, running around looking for the right costume and filling bowls with candy for the ghouls. Dreaming about eating donut holes, apple cider and bobbing for apples.

Here are the links if you’re interested.
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