Tripping on Jazz my New Altered state of consciousness

Everyonez a single

Don’t get the confusion of sensations mixed up, but I have seen the happiness and it’s euphoria that my new music is awakening. Yes, some old and new is coming from my life’s time line. Vinyl, the new old medium for recording, something about the feel of a cover, with a glossy glaze, you can see yourself, can’t you?. Yes, large print or somewhat larger, my eyes have seen better days. Maybe your eyes have too, maybe not. That is so OK, but eventually we join together like a raindrop to a puddle. Yes, babe you’re the raindrop and the universe is a big puddle, not a pile as some may smell. Smells like some type of spirit, all smells matter don’t they? I’m talking about what your hear, you know with your ears, complex unknown insights into the natural universe of existence I call, “Trip Jazz”. Not a new phenomena, Sun Ra had it down before all others.

A listening experience that elevates consciousness, mystical and religious, shared in the air, with someone you love, imagine the safety that music can bring to join tribes, just listen, breath, close your eyes, feel the warmth. Just a simple step, one everyone will take, as one holds the hand of the passing, thinking they will help the journey’s end.

Free expression your right says article 19 oh yes freedom to hold opinions without interference. So this human understanding is core, searching for the truth of using free speech, music, poetry, and other forms of expression to tear down walls and make a better life for all.

When you listen to my music, or go to one of my performances, I want you to express yourself freely. Share the special unique gift that you alone have, that makes you. Yes YOU, worth more than all the riches in the universe. You’re human, no other animal has your gift of imagination, speech, ability to reason, think of it! Yes it is something to think about, today.