So, truly, I do wonder how on earth ViTweet has permission to edit as they have done my original tweet and take it to some graphiX meme hell of their own, and put their edited text on my Twitter. My original tweet is the one in the graphix.

Ok, #InvisibleTwitterEditor (#withwhomIhavezerorelationshipIknowabout), thank you, and yes, I agree, shorter=better, yet I did not intend to post a tweet which said THAT about freedom.

Different experiences do different things with people’s understandings of ideas, principles, words. This is what happens in business when that happens.

Me, I’m just curious about how this reality even got introduced to me without an introduction I knew about, with those people who were going to edit my tweets for meaning. I’m ok to have the option of an editor, and I’m cool if I at least know about it first and I still use Twitter for free.

This is a global police state trying really hard to find a balance the mainstream world is comfortable in to live a day-to-day life. This is where steps should be taken to protect the creators and consumers the most by corporate America. Security on the internet is one thing, this crosses the legal lines for many copyright common law reasons, and because it’s an advertisement, Twitter too becomes responsible to me, and I love Twitter so I’ll tag them, I’ll hope they’ll get it and fix it and share equality and truth instead of steal and corrupt. Right?