Coach and Coordinator podcast: Keith Barefield Jr. (4/11/17)

Keith Barefield Jr. sits down with Keith Grabowski in today’s episode of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. Barefield is the offensive coordinator at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Fla, calling plays under his father, Keith Barefield Sr. The younger Barefield talks about growing up in a football family, what it’s like building a new program and why he places so much value in player versatility.

  • 1:04 Growing up in a football family
  • 3:04 Coaching start
  • 5:01 Calling plays under dad
  • 5:58 Building a program from the ground up
  • 9:11 Building culture
  • 10:08 Barefield’s “Anything Goes” offense
  • 12:33 Xs and Os of Barefield’s offense and value of player versatility
  • 15:04 Utilizing technology
  • 16:53 Players, not plays
  • 18:56 Mistakes made as a young coach
  • 20:24 It’s not what you know, it’s who you can fool
  • 21:17 Book recommendation
  • 22:45 The value of 1-on-1 learning with other coaches
  • 24:27 Learning Expanded splits
  • 26:20 Concerns for future of the game
  • 28:01 Want to coach college football? Be ready to work
  • 29:57 Two-minute drill
  • 32:40 The winning edge

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