Cómo USAID apoyó a una empresa guatemalteca de procesamiento de alimentos para ampliar las oportunidades laborales para las mujeres

Tortillas de maíz elaboradas por Frito Maíz. / Frito Maíz

Las tortillas de maíz son omnipresentes en Guatemala y se comen en casi todas las comidas. El suave sonido de los aplausos a medida que se hacen, se puede escuchar a la deriva desde las numerosas tortillerías a lo largo de cualquier calle.

How USAID supported a Guatemalan food processing business to expand job opportunities for women

Corn tortillas produced by Frito Maiz. / Frito Maiz

Corn tortillas are ubiquitous in Guatemala, eaten at almost every meal. The soft clapping sound as they are being made can be heard drifting from the numerous tortillerías along any street.

Partnership based on a shared mission

A little girl caresses her father’s face. As a participant in the Sugira Muryango project in Rubavu District, Rwanda, her father learns to encourage responsive interactions with her to promote healthy early childhood development. Sugira Muryango in English means “Family Strengthening.” / Karim Rateb


Thomas, a bright-eyed 3-year-old, counts the bottle caps stretched out before him on the earthen floor of his family’s home in the Rubavu district of Rwanda, as his parents watch and encourage him. More important than his success in mastering the art of counting, is the part his parents take in playing with their son, aware that by doing so, they are playing a vital role in his growth and development.

This is just one of the lessons…

How HIV Vaccine Advocacy Can Leverage Lessons from COVID-19

This HIV Vaccine Awareness Day — May 18 — marks 24 years since President Bill Clinton committed the United States to develop an AIDS vaccine. For 20 of those years, since 2001, USAID has supported partners at the forefront of global efforts to design, develop, and test various candidate HIV vaccines.

A challenging, often uphill battle, these endeavors have resulted in numerous payoffs — including deep insights into human immunology and vaccine design that have irrefutably contributed to the speed at which scientists have developed COVID-19 vaccines.

Lessons from HIV vaccine research and development (R&D) are being leveraged at a…

Learn how USAID is advancing quality, respectful, and accessible care for mothers and their families

Therese Nifalina Nekena Vololombohangy with her baby boy named Kevin in rural Madagascar. / Karen Kasmauski, MCSP

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, women — and mothers in particular — have borne the brunt of hardships brought about by lockdowns, economic crises, and disruptions to food systems. The pandemic has limited access to essential health care, cost countless women their jobs, and closed schools around the world. Many mothers were challenged to find emergency health services and child care, as well as the means to feed their families.

Pregnant mothers and newborns have experienced worsening health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic, with increases in maternal deaths, stillbirths, and maternal anxiety and depression.

Comment un outil de prévision météorologique aide les agriculteurs à gérer les effets du changement climatique

Scientist Glenroy Brown assists farmer Liz Levy with the application of a seasonal drought-related forecast tool while out in the field in Amity Hall, St. Catherine, Jamaica. / Photo Courtesy of Glenroy Brown

La Jamaïque se trouve en plein cœur de la zone cyclonique de l’Atlantique, ce qui la rend vulnérable aux dommages dévastateurs que ces tempêtes laissent souvent derrière elle.

Cependant, le pendule oscille d’un extrême à l’autre en ce qui concerne les conditions météorologiques: de fortes pluies à une sécheresse sévère.

Entre 2014 et 2015, la Jamaïque a connu l’une des pires saisons de sécheresse de l’histoire récente. L’impact sur l’économie jamaïcaine, en particulier les moyens de subsistance ruraux, a été dévastateur. Selon les rapports, la production agricole annuelle a diminué de 30 pour cent de 2013 à 2014. …

Aprende cómo una herramienta de pronóstico del tiempo está ayudando a los agricultores a navegar los efectos del cambio climático

El científico Glenroy Brown ayuda a la agricultora Liz Levy con la aplicación de la herramienta de pronóstico de sequía estacional mientras se encuentra en el campo en Amity Hall, St. Catherine, Jamaica. / Foto cortesía de Glenroy Brown

Jamaica se encuentra dentro del cinturón de huracanes del Atlántico, lo que la hace susceptible a los daños devastadores que estas tormentas suelen dejar atrás.

Sin embargo, el péndulo oscila de un extremo a otro en lo que respecta al clima: de lluvias intensas a sequías severas.

Entre 2014 y 2015, Jamaica experimentó una de las peores temporadas de sequía en su historia reciente. El impacto en la economía de Jamaica, especialmente en los medios de vida rurales, fue devastador. Según los informes, la producción agrícola anual disminuyó en un 30 por ciento de 2013 a 2014. Esto, junto con…

How a weather forecasting tool is helping farmers navigate the effects of climate change

Scientist Glenroy Brown assists farmer Liz Levy with the application of a seasonal drought-related forecast tool while out in the field in Amity Hall, St. Catherine, Jamaica. / Photo Courtesy of Glenroy Brown

Jamaica lies within the Atlantic hurricane belt, making it susceptible to devastating damage that these storms often leave behind.

However, the pendulum swings from one extreme to another when it comes to weather: heavy rainfall to severe drought.

Between 2014 and 2015, Jamaica experienced one of the worst seasons of drought in recent history. The impact on the Jamaican economy, especially rural livelihoods, was devastating. According to reports, the annual agricultural production declined by 30 percent from 2013 to 2014. This, along with brush fires, resulted in a $J1 billion ($6.5 million) loss for the economy.

According to the Statistical…

Cómo la perseverancia, y un poco de apoyo de USAID, llevaron a un joven a encontrar oportunidades en su hogar en Honduras

Natanael es la prueba de que con dedicación, disciplina y la tutoría adecuada, todo es posible. Es una inspiración para los jóvenes de todo el mundo. / USAID-Empleando Futuros

Hace cuatro años, Natanael, ahora de 24 años, se despertaba todas las mañanas, salía de su casa con la esperanza de encontrar un trabajo y esperaba de que no lo asaltaran. Los tiempos eran difíciles y conseguir un trabajo estable estaba resultando aún más difícil. Tan joven como era, ya había sido despedido tres veces debido a la reducción de personal de la empresa. También experimentó desesperación y miedo al mirar por el cañón de una pistola mientras le robaban después de un duro día de trabajo. La incertidumbre se había convertido en la compañera diaria de Natanael.

“Todos los…

How perseverance — and a little support from USAID — led a young man to find opportunity at home in Honduras

Natanael is proof that with dedication, discipline, and the proper mentorship, anything is possible. He is an inspiration for youth everywhere. / USAID-Empleando Futuros

Four years ago, Natanael, now 24, would wake up every morning, leave his house with the hope of finding a job, and try not to get mugged. Times were tough and getting a steady job was proving to be even tougher. As young as he was, he had already been laid off three times due to company staff reductions. He also experienced despair and fear staring down the barrel of a gun while being robbed after a hard day’s work. Uncertainty had become Natanael’s daily companion.

“Every place I went to ask for a job only responded with ‘thank you…


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