I understand the dire need for humanitarian response to the Syrian refugee crisis, and the growing…
Drew Rosser

Drew, thanks for your comment. At USAID, we are committed to helping the people of Syria, as well those suffering from violence and political instability around the world, including in Africa. As this piece underscores, the vast majority of Syrians in need are still inside Syria. And very few Syrian refugees flee beyond the Middle East. That is why we provide life-saving aid both inside Syria and in the neighboring countries that are hosting most Syrian refugees.

We also provide substantial humanitarian assistance to communities affected by conflict in Africa. In Fiscal Year 2014 alone, USAID provided more than $481 million in humanitarian assistance to Africa, helping tens of millions of people across the continent.

As part of our mission to end extreme poverty and support democratic, resilient societies, we are also committed to addressing the root drivers of conflict that have driven an unprecedented 60 million people from their homes globally.

Our efforts are promoting peace across communities in Africa. For instance in South Sudan we are working with civil society to educate the public about the recently signed peace agreement so that the people of South Sudan can hold their government accountable for its implementation. Our Office of Transition Initiatives promotes peaceful messaging on radio in Northeast Nigeria. And in Central African Republic, we launched the CAR Peace Partnership, which will support community-based peace efforts over the next five years.

For more information, you can see my July congressional hearing on Africa’s displaced people.