What does “One Health” mean for you?

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Simeo Ntawuruhunga with a cow he received from the Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation. The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder of how human health and food security are deeply connected with livestock, wildlife, and environmental health. Some of the greatest threats to global well-being are found where the health of people, animals, and the natural environment intersect. / Jason Houston for USAID

Some of the greatest threats to global well-being — such as COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, antibiotic resistance, and biodiversity collapse — are found where the health of people, animals, and the natural environment intersect.

Emerging diseases from animals account for almost 75 percent of all new diseases in humans; biodiversity collapse threatens the ecosystem services that support life; antibiotic resistance threatens health care, food production, and life expectancy. Understanding and addressing these essential connections — taking a “One Health” approach — is critical to secure basic needs, to respond to current disease outbreaks, and to prevent future pandemics.

One Health and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of how human health is deeply interconnected with the health of the planet. As a zoonotic disease — one that can be transmitted between animals and people — “spillover” of COVID-19 from an animal host to humans likely occurred along the wildlife supply chain, in which people hunt, capture, or breed wild animals to eat or to sell into markets. Poor hygiene and unsafe handling practices along these chains increase the risk of zoonotic disease spillover and spread. …

Countering COVID-19 through the power of public-private partnerships

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A Facebook post urging users in Sierra Leone to seek malaria care if they have a fever. / Breakthrough ACTION

Absent a vaccine, much of the world relies upon the practice of broad-scale public health practice and preventive behaviors as powerful defenses against COVID-19. The need has never been greater for USAID to promote long-lasting healthy practices and reduce risks through social and behavior change programs.

Partnering with private companies is important in realizing this work during the “new normal.” Public-private partnerships have opened up access to digital platforms that facilitate change and amplify outreach to much larger audiences.

Businesses are often eager to work with public government entities in these types of efforts because it benefits them and it benefits their existing — and potential — clients. Beyond growing their client base through increased exposure, businesses build goodwill and strengthen their reputations when they align with governments in the search for solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. …

In Europe and Eurasia and around the world, the White House-led W-GDP Initiative empowers women to start and scale businesses

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In January, USAID Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick met with USAID-supported entrepreneurs, including Rena Ajalova (middle-left) and Ana Kopadze (middle-right), in the country of Georgia. / USAID

Worldwide, women entrepreneurs are an emerging market force and an important source of innovation and job creation. Yet they often do not have equal access to the capital and business networks they need. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how critical advancing economic opportunities for women remains — now more than ever, we need to empower women as workers and entrepreneurs.

The White House-led Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative is the first-ever, whole-of-government approach focused on advancing women’s full participation in the economy. …



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