How a solar-powered wildlife surveillance system allows conservation staff to monitor vast reserves — and stop poaching before it happens

The e-Eye surveillance can help protect India’s endangered Bengal tiger from poaching and retaliatory killings from conflict with humans. / Binomial Solutions

How we plan to address the climate crisis

Clean water is already hard to come by in the Korogocho slums of Nairobi, Kenya, but when heavy rainfall leads to flooding, it only exacerbates the situation. Clean water sources get contaminated, leaving residents vulnerable to many risks, including waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. / Diana Njeru, Deepicted

5 formas en que USAID está respondiendo a la pandemia

Para fortalecer la prevención, detección y respuesta a la COVID-19, USAID proporcionó a los hospitales, centros de triaje y laboratorios con equipos de salvamento y suministros médicos. Las contribuciones de USAID incluyeron monitores de signos vitales, estetoscopios, camas de hospital, computadoras de escritorio y desinfectante para manos. / USAID

5 ways USAID is responding to the pandemic

To strengthen COVID-19 prevention, detection, and response, USAID provided hospitals, triage centers, and laboratories with life-saving equipment and medical supplies. USAID’s contributions included vital signs monitors, stethoscopes, hospital beds, desktop computers, and hand sanitizer. / USAID

USAID-funded program benefits mothers and midwives in Yemen

Abeer holds her infant child, Monwar, in her home while Asmahan, a USAID-trained midwife, provides care to Monwar. / Omar al-Gunaid, SHARP

How over 58,000 rural Zimbabwean farmers transformed from subsistence to smallholder commercial farmers

Fortunate Matabuka from the Musikavanhu Irrigation Scheme in Chipinge district, Manicaland Province has learned the value of sharing resources, whether through community gardens or pooling together incomes to purchase inputs at a less cost in bulk. / Johnson Siamachira, LEAD Trust

How an online platform has helped the United States’ fight against wildlife trafficking and corruption

An official throws a horn and fuel onto a fire to destroy stockpiled elephant ivory and rhino horns in Mozambique, a key government measure to tackle wildlife crime. / Alex Dickie, USAID

How one doctor’s commitment is changing local behavior towards COVID-19 vaccinations

Dr. Adrian Moyo during a visit to Nchanga North General Hospital in Chingola, Zambia. / Jason Mulikita, USAID SAFE Project

Through his efforts, Doc Moyo has persuaded more than 300 people…

USAID’s New Global LEAD Toolkit provides resources for a new generation of youth to lead positive social change across their communities

While she and millions of other young people are motivated to take collective action in their…

In the Philippines, USAID empowers local leaders to deliver safe water services in rural communities

With USAID support, Nora Panapanaan (second from right), Tina Garces (center), and other officers of the Ambulong Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association effectively manage their small-scale water utility. / Courtesy of Nora Panapanaan


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