3 Common Pool Problems That Need to Be Watched

It is difficult for pool owners to find and define any particular problem regarding pool water. Swimming pool management companies help you to maintain swimming pools properly. According to them, most of the pool problems are inevitable, even if you take much effort in maintaining your pool. To ensure the proper maintenance of a pool, it is important to consult professionals, as they know how to deal with aquatic problems.

Here are some common water problems which you need to monitor.

Cracks in pool: Whether your pool is made of plaster, concrete, or vinyl-lining materials, cracks forming on the surface of the pool is a common problem. These are hazardous for swimmers. So, it is important to repair them. If you notice any crack in the pool, immediately call your pool management services provider.

Water clarity problems:

1) If pool water looks cloudy or milky, you need to call your pool operator. You can also use a test kit for confirmation.

Here are the causes of having unclear water –

  • Due to the high PH level, dissolved minerals in the water transform into very small solid particles which reduce water clarity.
  • Insufficient chlorine in the water or poor filtration process make your pool water dirty.
  • The effectiveness of chlorine is reduced.
  • The filter in the pool is blocked.

2) Water becomes green when chlorine levels fall. Swimming in such water can be hazardous for swimmers.

3) If some part of the surface of the pool becomes reddish brown, it means, too much iron is accumulated in your pool. So, contact your pool operator for removing the excess iron. Too much iron can stain your swimming pool and also turn the water reddish brown.

4) Some swimming pools have clear water but with black spots. This is a sign of developing algae in your swimming pool. Once algae builds up in your pool , it can spread very quickly. You can use home remedy to deal with this. First shock the water where you see the black spots appear. Use robotic cleaner for at least seven days after shocking the pool water to ensure that the algae does not come back.

Winter problems: If you are living in a climate that has freezing temperatures, it is important to winterize the pool. If you avoid this, your pool will not survive in the harsh temperature of winter. Moreover, you will have to pour more money to repair it.

A leak in pool structure: It is also a common problem that needs to be repaired. This will make difficult to maintain the pool’s pH balance and can cost you more in chemicals. It is better to contact with pool cleaning company. It repairs leakage without any harming to pool.