Make the Most of Your Investment by Avoiding Pool Care Mistakes

Owning and running a commercial swimming pool is a big investment. So, to earn from your investment, you need to ensure the smooth functioning of pool so you can persuade your visitors or guests to visit often.

However, due to lack of knowledge, many commercial pool owners may not know how to maintain pool or what exactly they want from their aquatic facility management firm. Hence, they make common swimming pool mistakes, like, adding too much chlorine before clients’ party, irregularity in testing pool water, avoid to consult with swimming pool management firms regarding pool maintenance.

Here are some common mistakes that you must avoid while taking care of pools.

  • Shocking the Pool in sunlight: Shocking pool regularly helps you to keep your pool water healthy by removing organics from your water and kill off algae. It also helps you in getting rid of the chloramines. This process is highly effective at night because if you shock the pool in daylight, the sun will burn off 1 ppm (part per million) chlorine in each hour.
  • Avoiding to brush your pool: If you think that by vacuuming pool, you can prevent it from getting dirty. However, only this process cannot keep your pool completely clean. For cleaning hard areas, you need to brush them as they cannot be covered in vacuuming process. Use brush which is especially made for cleaning pool areas like behind ladders, and corners. This does not allow algae to grow in your pool.
  • Avoid to use calcium hardness in pool water: If you want to increase the life of vinyl liner, concrete, plaster, fiberglass, and filter system, keep your pool water hard. Add calcium once at the beginning of the every season to ensure the proper maintenance of pool. Buy good quality of calcium from authentic firms who offer pool management services.
  • Avoid to monitor water level: By maintaining water level, you can prevent your pool to get damaged. If water level drops below the skimmer, pool pump will draw in air instead of water and start to run dry. If this process remain for a long time, it can cause overheating and can melt your pump’s housing.
  • Ignoring pH and alkalinity levels: If pool water is acidic, it means you have low level of PH and alkaline water. Low PH level can damage your equipment including pool filter and pump, vinyl liner, heater, automatic cleaner, chemical feeder, solar blanket.

However, acidic pool also looks very clear, so it is difficult to notice the problem. Use test kit which should be purchased from authentic firms who offer aquatic management services to check the level of PH and alkaline in water.

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