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Gen X hipsters were (still are apparently) a hypocritical bunch. Hating to be labeled, they would label others with hate if anyone disagreed with their bat-shit crazy music cults and politics.

The chicks were hot though and they would sneak rides with me so their “friends” would not label them. What girl doesn’t like the only guy on campus with a turbocharged 231 V6 Grand National with T-tops and Fosgates in the trunk (and a job) when all her friends are a bunch of bitter potheads on bicycles that beat the shit out of them? Takes too long to get to the secondhand dress store….

And who doesn’t just want to drive nowhere and just be free? Free of judgement, free of labels, free from the gay activist groups attacking and harassing Veterans on campus,(and professors gleefully trying to kick out Veteran students), free from the endless shouting of the “progressive” chorus that everyone (but them) were racist homophobic, bible thumping evil people…

Trump was elected not due to racism(which liberal Gen X’rs are very), or any other ism.

Trump was elected because the idea of being ruled by yet another hateful useless progressive was far worse than hitting the Nuke button.

As MTV once put it, it’s time to Get Real.

p.s. Your mom’s Birkenstocks are still in the back seat of my Buick ;)