How to win the 2nd civil war against the evil left A.P.O.

Let’s call it what it is — the 2nd American civil war. With money and violence, they fired the first shots, and our brave police shot them dead under the authority and wisdom of our laws.

Then they attacked our Constitution, attempted through money and power to dismantle America’s foundational values — remove elected representatives and install their own dictators.

This is an evil Americans, past or present, have not fought against before. It is similar to a Theocracy, yet is godless — yet has Orthodox beliefs. These beliefs control a population to silence and remove all humanity, history, and dignity from them. With humanity and dignity removed, people are broken, powerless. It is a church that worships absolute power over people, its rich elite control its manifesto, its priests warp scientific method and decree absolute authority of information which cannot be questioned by non-orthodox scientists and non-believes. Its army are generations of brainwashed people who have been indoctrinated that America is the enemy and they are the victim since birth. With unthinking responses to blasphemy, they will commit crimes, destroy our cities and communities through physical force and corruption. If ordered to kill American Men, Women, and Children, they will.

This evil Theocracy is known as the American Progressive Orthodoxy(APO).

Are you with the USA, or the evil APO?