The Pitfalls of Absolute Opposition
D.M. Andre

Let’s call it what is is, a civil war. America defending against the evil urban elites of the left.

This evil urban Progressive Orthodoxy thought they controlled America, and they were defeated by our Republic, and they continue to attempt to seize power by money, indoctrination, stamping out beliefs and religion, and violent actions.

You are dang right absolutism must be stopped. This Orthodoxy will destroy America if not defeated.

The root cause however, would seem the maturity of the victim culture that was laid by the left a few decades ago.

The victim culture is an either-or fallacy, and is preached by academia and most universities — the very place where a marketplace of ideas are supposed to be discussed.

As a result, the left turned their politics into a religion — a progressive orthodoxy where any deviation is blasphemy. Intolerable.

Then add to that the witch hunts for the imagined victim’s aggressor, the “bad people” — the power of the progressive orthodoxy to issue moral decrees (legitimized by fraudulent science, peer reviewed of course), to declare entire classes of people as “the enemy of democracy” and warp otherwise good people to do atrocious things to their neighbor.

It is, in many ways, escalated to a civil war between the godless rich