Now It’s Manchester; Unpack The Usual Responses
Rick Fischer

Muslims see the blood of God’s children on their hands. They pray and scrub and pray and scrub, but the bloodstains remain.

The rest of God’s children call out to them, we see the blood on your hands also. Certainly, these words sting and hurt, but that which does not kill you makes you stronger. To Love.

These words sting, because they look down at their hands and see the stains and they know it is true.

A way a Muslim can clean the blood off their hands is to call their cleric for a fatwa declaring it is forbidden to kill Kafir and God’s children.

The wise Muslims clerics in India did this. Tens of thousands. Their hands are clean.

Why have the clerics in Manchester not issued a fatwa when they have the blood of the Children of God stained on their hands?!?

They make excuses but they know they are not doing God’s will. In shame they hide from God’s Children, but they and we know they cannot hide from God.

We have removed the plank from the Muslim’s eye. God has given them, just as us, the faculties of Reason. We, as well as other Muslims have shown those Muslims with stained hands how to clean them.

It is God’s will to remind them how to be clean, and continue to have faith the Muslims with stained hands, such that they keep their Faith and show their Reason.