Dear American,

Thanks for responding! Type away, no objection to that here.

Yes, people who do work (even part time, many employers offer health benefits part time now), do not benefit at all from the ACA and the ACA is very divisive because it discriminates against those who work, with subsidies topping out at what 40k to 50k income. If one is a contractor policies on the market were cheaper before the ACA.

The extra Medicaid funds (as currently written) penalizes states because states are charged based on the number of applicants, not the ones actually found eligible, which can be as much a 60% thus the state wastes 40% of its healthcare tax dollars. That is why governors reject that broke policy and make better state funded ones. Better use of funding.

To clarify, neither I nor anyone else I know wishes to not give medical care to those who cannot afford it. Quite the opposite. It is a common accusation if one articulates anything but the status quo in healthcare they are labeled some sort of inhuman monster, which I and many others resent. Say it all you want, bounces right off as it is not true.

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