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The problem is the democratic party applies unauthentic Social Justice.

Versus Authentic Social Justice established by Catholics.

Unauthentic Social Justice requires people be divided into two groups that must hate each other — the victim and the privileged. It is an either-or fallacy, and will never, ever be successful.

For example, a Catholic will always be required to accept abortions as moral or be rejected, as to reject abortion harms what they see as only one human being, while we see two.

And even as a Catholic it is not absolute, as Saint Thomas Aquinas struggled to Reason and answer when the soul was created, at which stage of pregnancy. In the end he reasoned it started in later term which not surprisingly is the prevailing wisdom today.

But there is no such reasoning with the democratic party as any challenge or discussion to abortion is forbidden — as you are a hater of women in that case, (and a racist homophobic evil stupid person).

So is it really that hard to see why unauthentic Social Justice is failing and Authentic Social Justice is prevailing?