The Devaluation of The Black Child in America Will Always Be a Solemn Promise
Ezinne Ukoha

The study is a good example of the research fraud that plagues psychology.

The “scientist” is an associate professor trying to get tenure. Therefore he needs his papers to conform the progressive orthodoxy that is in power in academia. This is well published.

So easiest way is to produce a study where the data reaches a predetermined conclusion that conforms to the orthodox ideology of a victim culture.

In this case, the predetermined conclusion is the fallacy of the victim culture belief. In this case here is the fallacy exposed:

  1. Black people look different than “white” people.
  2. There are physical characteristics (racial markers) that differentiate different races.

Since white people see physical differences in other races, they must see blacks as threatening and therefore racist.

With selected data and the right questions, this study could have easily concluded that blacks see whites as threatening.

Thing is, the vast majority of Americans will never see or hear of this study, and even if they did, intuitively, they will see it for what it is, just another “scientist” trying to “prove” their ideology by compromising scientific method, and a pathetic attempt to gain moteriety.