Dear American,

Trump is rich because he has rich parents, no one who voted for Trump cares about that. I think you hit on the important point that Trump built a platform of “accountable to nobody” — except to the American people. The ultimate change agent.

Trump was the first presidential candidate that acknowledged the existence and struggles of white working folks. There was a great article by an anthropologist that lived among Trump voters for the last 4 years and calls it the “deep story.” I would definitely recommend you read it.

The Trump voter does not care if republicans did this or Obama said that. Neither did much to help or even reach out to them.

Even 20 years ago Universities censored points of view and discriminated against those that dare not conform to liberal ideology. At my university half the faculty voted to kick Veterans off campus, like many other Universities in the 90'’s. It was so bad the US has to make Veterans a protected class, so the claim that Universities encourage “mixing” of other people and beliefs is not at all true, quite the opposite and has gotten a lot worse. A growing number of professors across the nation are leading the way to correct this.

The problem with some sciences, (psychology, humanities, climate science), and this is well published, is over 95% have liberal ideology and results in confirmation bias at best, research fraud at worst. Researchers can’t get grants because. They will not come to the predetermined conclusion. Intuitively, many people see this,(but have a hard time articulating this). Due diligence in data and findings is needed and not adequate. These sciences have become more religious beliefs of the progressive orthodoxy than science.

College and university offer studies that are free right now, the credentialization is not, thus the credentialization is the thing of value,(for most people of course there are exceptions like engineering). I agree with you a big problem from undergraduates and graduates is critical thinking skills and problem solving, (have seen this first hand). But then again, since the thing of value the modern university has is a credential, should we expect something more?

It is painfully obvious from an educated person like myself with a bit of experience in capital markets that cheap college money inflated the cost of college- add to that no risk to the investor and we have a perpetual college price bubble (a fundamental clone of the housing bubble) that will never pop until there is reform. A perfect storm of no risk to the investor, no risk to the producer, inflated cost vs value to the consumer.

And people know this intuitively. One thing I learned traveling the world is everyone knows value, even the least educated. No B.S. or B.A. Is worth 50k-100k of debt because it’s only worth 10k-20k tops for the majority.

A clarification, I do not feel at all that you, with a Ph.D in Psychology is overeducated or wasted money. I know, and this is well published, that Psychology is one field in crisis of censorship, confirmation bias (at best), and under the control of a (and this is very well published), a progressive orthodoxy that is interfering and hampering the advancement of knowledge. It’s so bad even liberal psych phd’s are publishing these finding, and even the most uneducated see this clearly from intuitive reasoning.

And this is why many, who do believe in paying taxes to send kids to school, oppose raising taxes to do so — it just inflates the cost with no added value. Reforms are needed in how and what Universities charge for college, and how Universities are held accountable. And if Universities refuse needed reforms, the only alternative is to defund them and let new models of knowledge grow.

I appreciate you listening what I have to say on these topics.

But as one who has done quite a bit of due diligence work for the world’s largest investment banks, the military, and have conducted due diligence on research one some topics —

The reason for the prevailing view on most “controversial” scientific topics is due to manipulated data to achieve a predetermined result, often due to fit an ideological theme or ensure continued funding…and not for finding out why. Heck some research claims one thing in the abstract and concludes another in the body!

Most people see the holes in junk science intuitively, but obviously have a hard time articulating what they see,(if they can find the words, some cannot of course… probably most). This is why there is distrust of scientists, not science. This is why. some ssome scientists claim o

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