Fear and Loathing in Your God Hole
Cliff Miller

What you are trying to describe is Faith and Reason, the logos of God, (John 1:1). Unfortunately the English translation is “Word of God” and some knowledge is lost in translation. All Faith and no reason, one cannot deconstruct our world. All Reason and no faith only reveals the a small synthetic box of the world.

And you are right, the human mind was created such as if it were designed to transfer knowledge via religion. Atheist scientists have found at Univ of California and Calgary this is true, and evolution does not explain this. Their limited deconstructionist mind cannot put it together as they have no faith to see the Truth, the logos of God. An atheist can only see the limits, hence the hole, which is a good way to put it.

Death is merely when our physical being dies, and our non-physical being remains. And when all physical being die there is no definition of a physical vs non-physical being, just being. Perhaps we become a physical being in universe(n+1)?