Kelly Shaver receives 2019 USASBE Wortman Award for Lifetime Achievement

Jan 26 · 2 min read
Dr. Kelly Shaver

USASBE’s “Max S. Wortman Jr. Award for Lifetime Achievement in Entrepreneurship” is presented in recognition of a lifetime in entrepreneurial achievement that encompasses the ideals of entrepreneurial activity — through new venturing, corporate venturing, or social venturing. Eligibility extends to both those who have pursued a lifetime of successful venture creation as well as those whose life’s pursuits supported and advocated entrepreneurial ideals. The 2019 USASBE Wortman Award goes to Dr. Kelly Shaver at the College of Charleston.

Shaver was nominated for this award by Dr. Mark Weaver, a USASBE Fellow and 2015 USASBE Wortman Award recipient. In his nomination letter Weaver noted:

Kelly’s impact is vast. His work helped legitimize the field of entrepreneurship as a scholarly area of inquiry by not just its theoretical contributions, but also by elevating the level of methodological rigor needed for entrepreneurial scholarship. Kelly helped pioneer the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, a massively impactful and clearly seminal body of work spanning academia and practice. He has worked with thousands of students and entrepreneurs, served on the board of directors or as an subject matter expert to dozens of agencies and nonprofits, and is himself an entrepreneur … All of this noted, his most special contribution to the field as a whole is most certainly the faculty he’s coached and trained through his many workshops, and his greatest impact is the lives he’s touched through decades of interdisciplinary work in the classroom and in the health sciences … I can think of few individuals worthy of this award given in Max’s name. Kelly is someone who instantly rises to the top of my list.

Prior winners of USASBE’s Wortman Award include Candida Brush (Babson College), Rebecca White (University of Tampa), and Frank Hoy (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). A complete list of prior winners can be found here. An abbreviated history of USASBE can be found here.

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