USASBE Member Spotlight: Meet Furkan Gur

Dr. Furkan Gur

Meet Furkan Gur, Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Northern Illinois University. In an effort to help better connect the USASBE Nation the USASBE Medium Team recently sat down with Furkan to learn more about who he is as a teacher, scholar, and individual. Here’s what we found out.

Question: How did you get into entrepreneurship education? What was your path?

I was offered to teach a course on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship during my doctoral studies. I created the course from scratch and I really enjoyed teaching it. I had some entrepreneurial experiences during my college years which helped me to contextualize the class in business practice and my students to create good business ideas. I genuinely enjoy teaching entrepreneurship classes because entrepreneurship education is up to date, hands on, and inspirational.

Question: What is your favorite class to teach and why?

My favorite class to teach is a senior level entrepreneurship class called Entrepreneurship and Business Models. In this class, my students get to start and run a small business throughout the semester. Students engage in creating a business idea, developing a business model, producing, marketing, and selling their products or services, and keeping and managing their financial records. I love this class because it is a completely new journey every semester for me with a new set of students.

Question: What does your research focus on and how does it inform your teaching?

My research centers around interorganizational relationships (competition, cooperation, and coopetition) in various contexts. Recently, I have been working on understanding inter-startup relationships within accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces for commercial entrepreneurs as well as in impact investment groups for social entrepreneurs. This research informed my teaching regarding the critical role of an entrepreneurial ecosystem for creating and maintaining entrepreneurial activity in a region as well as for the success of individual entrepreneurs. Moreover, I invite some of these entrepreneurs to my classes as guest speakers who share invaluable experiences and lessons with my students.

Question: How has membership in USASBE benefitted you?

I really enjoy the friendly community in USASBE. I learn a lot from like-minded, creative, and impact-oriented members of this community. I especially learned a lot of teaching exercises that I was able to use in my classes. Most importantly, all USASBE members are willing to share their best practices and in class activities with other members which creates a huge success for entrepreneurship education all over the country. At USASBE I was also able to present and get useful feedback for my research.

Question: Can you share a fun fact about yourself? Something that makes you unique?

I am the only male member of our household! Me and my wife have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old female cat. It gets tricky sometimes, but I love being around all of them.

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