Know the duties of the USC’s masters in library science

Every student would be familiar with the librarian as a person who takes care of his or her school library work. However, they may not know the exact duties of the librarian. They may also not know that the USC’s masters in library science have a variety of jobs to perform other than attending to the school or college library. This article will serve as a revelation to such students.

The duties of the librarian:

The librarian has a variety of tasks to perform. We shall look at certain important tasks alone.

Various kinds of students flock the libraries. They may include students doing their research for the doctorate degrees. The librarian is the best friend for such students. They help these students find adequate research material and thus play a big role in facilitating their research.

The librarians have the capability to take classes for the students educating them about the various avenues where they could find the research material.

Their job does not end with educating and helping the research students. They go one-step ahead and help these students evaluate the research findings.

You should be able to find your books and reference materials easily in the library. The librarian has the job of ensuring the easy availability of the research material by organizing the same in an orderly manner.

The library could have patrons of all ages. The children especially require a different kind of handling. The librarian has the responsibility of planning educational programs for children such as organizing storytelling sessions etc.

The librarian of today has to be a computer savvy person. It is his responsibility to ensure that the database is easily accessible by all.

The market is full of new books and research material. The librarian has a tough job of being in touch with the market to ensure that the library gets its quota of the latest books and material. The librarian may have to read book reviews, announcements, and catalogs as well.

The librarian has the tough responsibility of choosing the apt book, audio, or video equipment for the library.

The computers and other systems would require regular updates. The librarian should ensure that there is no lacuna in this aspect.

The library may be having other staff members such as technicians, pagers, assistants, etc. The librarian has to ensure that they get the requisite training and directions.

Every library would require the preparation of a budget. The responsibility of preparing the budget and adhering to the same rests on the strong shoulders of the librarian.

Thus, you have seen the variety of jobs done by a librarian during the course of executing his duties. The librarian should receive adequate remuneration for the same. The median pay of the librarian is around $ 57000 to $ 60000 per annum. This would amount to $ 28 per hour in an average.

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