Year in Motion: 2016 Video Highlights

S ome of our top videos from the past year highlight the need for affordable child care, putting an end to silicosis, the Labor Department’s mission, facts about the minimum wage, job training that works, saving for retirement and how Americans spend their time.

Affordable child care

When parents who want to pursue a career can’t afford to because of high child care costs, that’s a problem.

Stopping silicosis

Labor Secretary Frances Perkins declared that “silicosis can be prevented” 80 years ago. In 2016, we did something about it.

Country of Good Neighbors

Secretary Tom Perez shares how the values of his hometown — the City of Good Neighbors — are at the heart of the Labor Department’s work for all Americans.

Time to #RaiseTheWage

What you should know about the federal minimum wage.

Antwain’s story

Antwain knows what YouthBuild is all about. Education, valuable job skills, a career. His inspirational story:

Save your savings

Regardless of age, everyone willing to work for it deserves a secure retirement.

Where the time goes

How does your typical day compare to the average full-time worker?

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Tiffany Koebel works in the department’s Office of Public Affairs.