USDX Wallet team share achievements, developments and plans.

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Impressive stats

There are almost 100,000 users of USDX Wallet app, and 25,000 of them are active monthly. Over the past three months the turnover exceeded $500,000.

We are now listed on 7 crypto exchanges (P2pb2b, ExMarkets, ExRates, Alterdice, Folgory, VinDAX and Shortex).

Now we’re focusing on the “quality” of users instead of their quantity. Our main priorities are to stabilize USDX exchange rate and increase liquidity of coins.



3. USDX listing on Folgory (BTC; ETH; EUR; USDC)


Another important milestone reached: both our coins are on CoinMarketCap now!

Keep track of the most important information about LHT and USDX performances and base your trading decisions on data.

In other news:

USDX is now listed on Vindax exchange with USDX/BTC and USDX/USDT pairs.

LHT and USDX are both listed on Folgory.

There are both impressive stats and ambitious plans. USDX Wallet team is always looking for more.


There are almost 100,000 users of USDX Wallet app, and 25,000 of them are active monthly. The number of users is rapidly growing from day to day. Over the past three months, the volume of transactions exceeded $250,000. Cool fact: we have 1 new user joining the USDX Wallet app every 2 minutes!


Operations: 1) LHT is on Coinmarketcap; a complete listing; 2) USDX is on Coinmarketcap; allmost-complete listing; 3) USDX is on Coingecko; 4) LHT is listed on…

And USDX stablecoin was added to the Blockfolio app.

Now you can follow all the latest — and the most important — data about USDX Wallet core cryptocurrency LHT coin on CoinMarketCap. That’s a big step for us, one of the milestones we aimed to reach.

Also, USDX stablecoin is now on Blockfolio together with LHT.

More great news and updates to come. Stay tuned!

We’re excited to announce the completion of integration with P2Pb2b ( exchange. We’re listed with LHT/BTC, LHT/ETH and LHT/USD pairs.

P2Pb2b exchange was launched in 2014 and significantly updated in 2018; it’s in Top 20 crypto exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. The platform offers high performance, advanced interface, multicurrency, multi-support and strong safety. P2Pb2b has an official license of the EU and the protection by OWASP TOP10 standard. The exchange has 2K+ users per day; there are referral program and gaming mechanics to keep traders engaged.

USDX Wallet team constantly works to provide more trading opportunities for our community and newcomers.

Wanted to withdraw your funds easily? Now you can quickly exchange LHT to BTC by a favorable rate, right in the app. Please upgrade to version 1.25 via Google play or App Store.

How we calculate the withdrawal rate in the app now:

  • The user gets the amount of BTC minus our 5% fee and BTC fee for making a transaction.
  • We will also analyze all pairs listed…

We’re excited to announce the completion of integration with Alterdice, a top 100 exchange in Coinmarketcap ranking by reported volume. The trading pairs are: LHT/BTC, LHT/ETH and LHT/USD.

Among Alterdice exchange features are security (98% of funds are stored offline, there are daily backups and 2FA), advanced tools (a charting functionality which allows traders to visualize orders, positions and price alerts) and very low fees.

Now USDX Wallet users can securely exchange their funds via three exchanges: Exrates, Exmarkets and Alterdice.

We’d like to remind you that we don’t provide financial advice.

July was truly a hot month for us! And we want to share exciting numbers with you

  • Number of monthly transactions: 18,000 (average monthly growth +291%);
  • Twitter followers: 21,700.

Even though July results are impressive, we already have pretty packed action-plan for coming months.

Our Plans and Priorities by Division


  1. To increase LHT liquidity and market efficiency (decreasing the spread);
  2. Listing LHT on more exchanges. We’ve already signed contracts with three exchanges…

First of all, thank you for your thoughtful reviews about USDX Wallet app!

Here are the winners:

  1. 30 USDX and second place goes to Richard Otoo
  2. Third place and 20 USDX goes to Cyr Lyndon Eugenio

To get your award, please email your phone number or your account name in the USDX Wallet app to

Yes, we have a special playlist for our current Airdrop campaign.

We noticed that many participants don’t follow the rules of Airdrop tasks. So we’ve created short and very easy-to-follow video tutorials, showcasing how-to’s for all tasks. Check the playlist here.

Please remember, that we won’t distribute tokens for tasks performed incorrectly.

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