#BeyondGEW: Meet Mohamed

For Global Entrepreneurship Week, the U.S. Embassy Cairo sat down with inspiring alumni of our exchange programs to learn how studying in the United States helped prepare these young Egyptians to succeed. Read more about Mohamed Al-Zabany, a 25-year-old alumnus of the 2012 MENA Scholarship Program.

Exploring Bradford Woods outside of Bloomington, Indiana.

Why did you apply to study in the United States? I applied to study entrepreneurship, and business in general, in the United States because I have always been very passionate about building my own business that specializes in creative art and technology.

What skills did you gain from the program? More important than any one thing I learned, this program and experience opened my eyes to the world of entrepreneurship. I learned that entrepreneurship is more than just having a great idea. Many people have great ideas. The program taught me that regardless of the idea, you need to make it feasible, sustainable, and, preferably, profitable!
In the airport on our way to Atlanta from Washington, D.C.

What lessons did you learn about entrepreneurship? The program really taught me to look deeper. I learned how to build an idea, properly evaluate it, while also taking into consideration customer needs, and, ultimately, building a feasibility study to ensure the business idea is worth pursuing.

How has what you learned in the program helped you in your current studies/work? Upon returning from the program and completing my studies, I started my own business, Spreado Content Creation. I started this company from scratch, and now after 3 years, Spreado has served more than 400 clients. I have also founded the website Pixlly.com, a video creation platform, which recently received funding from an accelerator in Egypt. In both cases, the tools and foundation of knowledge I received during the program truly gave me confidence and determination to start my own businesses.

Company logo for Pixlly .

What was your favorite memory? After the program ended at Indiana University, we got to visit Washington D.C. and Atlanta! I loved seeing the White House and other famous sites in D.C., but my favorite memory is visiting The World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta and trying all of the different sodas from around the world.

Visiting the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C.
Visiting the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.

Congratulations, Mohamed, and thanks for sharing your story!