Meet RELO alumnus Abdallah

Everything about that trip was new, starting from going through the necessary papers for the traveling permit, up to the visa interview and the preparations for the trip, to meeting my Access Program colleagues at the U.S. Embassy for the first time ever. It felt like they are very familiar and suddenly we became brothers and sisters. We were able to establish a family in one month.

Abdallah and his group started their visit in Washington D.C.

Boarding the plane together was a new feeling to me. It was absolutely magic. From the first moment arriving in Washington, we had very full 5 days. We were led on a tour around the famous monuments of Washington DC and we had so much fun meeting new people from different countries and backgrounds.

The greatest treasure that I gained from this trip is to learn how to accept and appreciate other people from all over the world — regarding their nationality, religion, race, or even their sexual orientation. The biggest challenge I have faced is to have the courage to accept all of the people that I’m so proud of meeting.

We learned there how to keep our environment clean and to lower our carbon footprint, how to build a world that is filled with live peace and acceptance. Also, it was an amazing and a new thing for me to eat vegetarian food for two weeks.

I was terrified of doing so much new stuff and being in an isolated environment with so many new people. It was a huge challenge for me but we did achieve the first words we heard there in the Global Youth Village which was “create a legacy of love, peace, and tolerance.” And we got attached to each other — both staff and participants — way too fast to understand it.

The time we spend there was more than enough to make memories and to feel like it was a place to call it HOME. We became a global villagers in no time. That dream could not have come to reality if it wasn’t for Access.