U.S. Embassy Riga Joins Medium

Greetings! You might have noticed that we have posted a few stories on a new site called Medium, a place where people tell stories. Part of our core mission here at U.S. Embassy Riga is to explain U.S. policy, culture, and society. Every year we visit thousands of students, teachers, business owners, and political leaders in Latvia to tell about who we and find out how we can work together. Although we are active on multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), Medium provides us with a unique way to tell our stories digitally and reach even more people.

It also allows us to hear from you. So, leave us notes, share, recommend, and write responses to our stories. If there is something specific you like, tell us. If there is something you don’t like, we also want to know. If there are topics you want us to address, we’d like to hear that too. You don’t need a Medium account to read our stories, but if you want to comment or share, it’s free to sign up. If you already have a Twitter or Facebook account, the process is quick and easy.

We look forward to showing you the work we do each day with our Latvian partners, but mostly we look forward to hearing from you!

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