3 Reasons Why You Should Use Save Vanishing Species Stamps

In 2011, the U.S. Postal Service began to sell the Save Vanishing Species Stamp. In addition to functioning as a regular postage stamp that never loses its first-class value, here are three other cool reasons why you should consider buying these stamps to help wildlife!

Rene Mayorga / Creative Commons
  1. You can help save some of the most beloved species on Earth by taking a small action.

When you buy these stamps, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to conserving endangered species around the world, including tigers, great apes, sea turtles, rhinoceros, and elephants. To date, over 44 million stamps have been purchased, which has generated over $4.7 million for high-impact projects such as building a clinic for injured tigers, reintroducing orphaned orangutans to the wild, and outfitting rangers with better vehicles and facilities to stop rhino poachers.

Meenashki Nagendran / USFWS

2. It’s cool to be different, and there is no other stamp like them.

While you can’t deny the reality that texting, emailing, and chatting have become common ways that we communicate with each other, the tactile sensation and excitement generated by getting an old-fashioned letter or postcard in the mail from a friend or family member can’t be denied. And sometimes while you might have to use the stamps that you have on hand, using the Save Vanishing Species stamp will give your letter that extra “it” factor and will make it a conversation starter. In fact, the stamp is the first in the history of the U.S. Postal Service to raise funds for conservation.

Cory Brown / USFWS

3. They make great gifts.

For the wildlife enthusiasts you know, the Save Vanishing Species Stamp can be an excellent gift that brings a smile to their faces. It’s practical, something they are likely to use, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it will even encourage them to pick up a pen and paper and spread the love. Finally, it’s easy to get these stamps. You can buy them at your local post office or online.

For more information about the stamps, to purchase them, and read additional project success stories, please visit www.tigerstamp.com