We Hear You Loud and Clear: Voters Want Justice Reform

Right now, Congress is considering legislation for much-needed reforms to our broken justice system.

Our leaders in Congress know this: House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have both pledged floor time for this bipartisan legislation. And we know there’s momentum for this effort. Just last week at a Washington Post event, Utah Sen. Mike Lee made it clear this effort is still moving. That conversation went viral and trended nationally on Twitter for hours.

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Still, reform is far from a sure thing. Some Senators are all too willing to play up fear and uncertainty to avoid changing the status quo. But beyond willfully misunderstanding the proposed reforms, this view also ignores the opinions of the very constituents they represent.

How do we know? We asked the voters. We went to six of our key states — Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin — to ask people directly how they feel about criminal justice reform.

The message from voters on justice reform came across loud and clear. Across the country, and across the political spectrum, voters overwhelmingly agreed we need change: Our federal prisons house too many non-violent criminals, wasting tax money, and too often prevent formerly-incarcerated individuals from successfully rejoining society.

People may be polarized about whom they’re voting for. But no matter whether candidates have an R or a D next to their name, they should be paying attention to one thing the voters do agree on: We need to reform our justice system. As we get closer to November, our elected officials would do well to remember that.

Check out the full poll results here.

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