Since Facebook announced that they were bringing chat bots to the Messenger platform back in April, the marketing world has been abuzz with excitement about the possibilities.

There’s no question that bots will be huge. Imagine companies being able to provide customers with intimate, one-on-one service at a fraction of the cost of a call center.

But we definitely have some time to kill before we’re living in a utopia of chirpy, always-on chat bots attentive to our every need.

It’s still very early days for chat bots, but looking at what companies are doing right with them today is what will inspire you to do even better tomorrow. Think about it: you’re around for the beginning of what might very well be the next massive platform shift.

Here are five chat bots out on the market right now that will inspire you and get you thinking about how YOU can take advantage of this awesome technology.

1. HealthTap — Get Personalized Answers Faster Than Ever

HealthTap is a company started in 2010 to make healthcare more accessible. It’s a mobile app that lets users ask questions, share photos, get test results assessed, and get personalized referrals from real doctors.

Now they’ve taken their service a step further and put it on Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is install the HealthTap chat bot and ask a question. First, the bot analyzes your request and shows you similar questions asked by other users.

2. Spring — Receive Smart, Personalized Recommendations And Shop Through Messenger

Spring’s personalized shopper bot is not the kind of bot you talk to, but it does take advantage of the medium to great effect.

Every interaction with the Spring bot starts with a list of questions designed to narrow down exactly what kind of product you’re interested in buying:

3. EstherBot — Use Your Brand To Connect With People Through Language

Esther Crawford is a San Francisco-based marketer who found an incredibly creative way of using bots to promote her brand. She turned her resume into a chat bot.

4. Surveybot — Conduct Surveys Where Your Customers Actually Are

Surveybot is a bot that, as its name suggests, allows you to send your customers surveys after the completion of a task — a purchase, a download, registration, etc.

What’s nice about SurveyBot is that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. It’s 100% plug-and-play:

5. 1– — Make Frictionless Purchases At The Speed Of Light

The 1–800-Flowers chat bot was one of the first bots on Messenger. The way it works is simple. After you click “Get Started” in your Messenger window, you’re given two options: Order Flowers and Talk To Support.

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