In the past, LinkedIn was thought of as a social network for professionals and networking only. Today, LinkedIn can be used for both business-to-business purposes as well as direct-to-consumer as well.

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With over 150 million American professionals using the platform, LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to help grow your small business while helping you to connect with other professionals in your industry as well as potential clients.

What makes LinkedIn different from social networks like Facebook and Instagram is the kind of content that is shared on the platform. Since most users on LinkedIn are professionals (often in management positions) and businesses, content that you will find on the platform consists of anything related to a professional industry.

Now what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that you probably won’t…

As the world enters into its new ‘normal’ your US Personal Chef Association is here to assist with guidance for reopening your Personal Chef business. Please note that local laws, rules, and restrictions may change some of these guidelines. Additionally, as we get more information we will work on updating these guidelines.

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In the midst of everything happening in the world right now, with most of the world practicing “Safer At Home” guidelines, one would think that social media is buzzing due to everyone’s excessive amounts of free time.

However, this may be the case, but it’s also a double-edged Chef’s Knife.

Since everyone is posting more often and liking more of other people’s posts, this conflicts with the current algorithm of social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter.

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In short, the algorithm of Facebook and Twitter focuses on sharing posts that the platform thinks you would like, with timeliness no longer a…

USPCA Presents, the new Personal Chef podcast
USPCA Presents, the new Personal Chef podcast

As 2020 has been the year of learning and multitasking, your USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association) has created its latest endeavor; a podcast dedicated to you the Personal Chef.

We know your Personal Chef day is filled end-to-end with business and the creative process of making amazing culinary experiences for your clients. Additionally, you have you personal life to manage. So, what easier way to integrate the content your trade association is creating for you than uploading it onto you phone, tablet, or other devices to listen to on the go or at your services.

USPCA Presents is the…

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Amid these strange times, there are lots of new challenges and changes. As your Association we are here to assist you in navigating these new times. Please watch the below two videos for new data coming out about COVID 19 and how it is impacting your life and Personal Chef business.

Tues., March 24, 2020

If you watch these videos and still have more questions, please contact us at: . Additionally, please remember to like, follow, and subscribe to the USPCA on your favorite social media platforms for all updates. …

This week we made a difficult but correct decision in light of our changing world. We have elected to reschedule the USPCA Annual Convention, moving it to the same weekend in July 2021 (July 8–11) and still at the Hyatt Regency, Sarasota. We’re hoping that in a year we’ll all be in a position to get together and build businesses once again.

Members who registered and/or made hotel reservations can get refunds. Rooms can be cancelled directly with the Hyatt Regency Sarasota (941) 953–1234. If you registered Vince will be working on your registration refund.

We have notified our…

With 1 BILLION monthly active users, it is safe to say that Instagram is another powerhouse social network that could rival the success of its parent network Facebook.

Are you looking to reach a younger audience? Are you looking to incorporate more compelling images of your best recipes? Are you looking for a fun and engaging social network that will position you in front of a large audience?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you absolutely need to be using Instagram for your business. Unlike its parent Facebook (Facebook bought Instagram in 2012), Instagram is more visually-focused, relying heavily on photos and videos as opposed to lots of text. …

Facebook is the world’s third most-visited website, which means that there are many opportunities to incorporate this social platform into your small business.

When non-business people think of Facebook, they usually think of cute dog videos or their mom tagging them in horrible photos from their last birthday party. However, to a small business owner, Facebook can be both those things and so much more.

In addition to connecting with friends, family members, and loved ones, Facebook is the perfect way to connect with potential clients and this article will explain a few ways to do so as well as best practices for using Facebook in your small business.

1. Making a Facebook Page

If you’re going to be using Facebook to connect with clients, you should probably…

Did you know that 3.5 billion people are using social media? That’s almost half of the total world population!

With statistics like these, it’s obvious that any small business owner who is not using social media is missing out on a giant opportunity.

Social media can be used in a variety of ways, from connecting with current clients to prospecting new ones and what’s even better is that these marketing efforts can be done from the comfort of your phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic device.

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Here are some of the ways that social media can come in handy in your business!

Picture this: You’re working a dinner party and one of the guests absolutely LOVES the food you prepared and they want to book you for their next event. …

Technology can be your best friend in business or your biggest nightmare. It comes down to whether you control your technology or you let it control you.

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I chuckle when I read about the generational divides when it comes to tech. There’s certainly a little element of truth to Boomers and older lacking some technical expertise and Gen Z living only in a tech world (though I’m happy to take on a couple generations younger than me in a tech battle!), but its not a matter of absolutes.

The bottom line is that technology is not going away so you…

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