An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane


You poor thing. After reading your story, I feel…bemused. You see, I too am a professional writer. At age 47, my rent is equivalent to yours. Let me explain my story so you may better understand yours.

  • I couldn’t afford college and refused to get into debt, so I educated myself
  • Living in NYC was hard and expensive, just like Frisco.

Let me explain how life really works dear:

  • I had roommates when I didn’t want them to save money. You should try this.
  • I worked two full-time jobs for many months on end, educating myself on the job, knowing that knowledge is power, and more money will come when the next job comes around. Also, try this.
  • Don’t blame your boss, blame:
    a: Liberal cities like Frisco for high taxes, rents, and a high cost of living.
    b: Yourself for not even trying. Have you moved to a place where rent and taxes of half of what it is in Frisco? Have you worked two full time jobs? You say you want risk? Um, most of “risk” is FAILING, being poor, hungry, etc.

In other words, MAN UP. You are entitled to nothing but a shot. You’re young and presumably healthy. Work two jobs, don’t get pregnant, save your money, educate yourself, and save your money. THIS is the way life works. If you want success, you have to hunt it down.

I am now successful after 20 YEARS of:

  • Working 2 or more jobs
  • Living off of noodles
  • Having roommates I never wanted
  • Filing bankruptcy
  • Moving across country to save on rent and taxes and get a better wage

This millenial generation of yours was too damned coddled and has absolutely no work ethic. God help us all.

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