For the next ten days, I will be doing the #LiveForTomorrow photo challenge. Mental illness is very important to me, and something I am passionate about increasing the awareness of. People say “mental illness wasn’t around 100 years ago” okay that’s bullshit. Just because 100 years ago we didn’t understand mental disorders, and hadn’t identified different disorders, doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. Mental illness and disorders have always been a part of humans; it’s about time we accepted that, and encouraged people to talk about what they’re going through.

So here we go…

1.9.16 — People you can’t do life without.

There are many people in my life for whom I am thankful for; I have six good friends, amazing family members, and people-who-are-too-difficult-to-bundle-together, all of whom I love and admire in different ways for different things. However, the wording of this challenge is “can’t do life without”, and with that, my partner deserves this title for himself. Nobody will ever understand how much he has helped me, how much he has been there, how much he has supported me. Our friendship began because of our mutual mental disorders. We bonded because we craved somebody to talk to who actual understood the craziness, the depth, the darkness, of our problems. When we became a couple, it was at the beginning of one of the worst times of my life. He was there right in the beginning, when he had more chance to run than ever, and yet he helped me through every. Single. Day. And since then, no matter what I’m going through, what he’s going through, what we’re going through as a couple, he has been loving, understanding, and patient. I count myself lucky every day to have him in my life, as my best friend, and as my partner.

I love you, my darling Luke Anthony Mitchinson. I cannot do life without you.