The Indians HATE Their New Russian-Made Stealth Fighter
War Is Boring

Whoever wrote this does not know much about this aircraft at all. For one the Russians are not building them for India, India will build their own version and the Indian version is slightly different and has a slightly better Avionics. When compared to the fighter this was meant to go up against, the US built F-22 and F-35. The F-22 is superior to the T-50 except in visual gun fighting, but compared to the F-35 the T-50 is far superior in speed, acceleration, climb rate, and maneuvering. At certain angles the T-50 even has an edge in stealth. Furthermore this fighter is still in the prototype/development stage and the T-50 is awaiting better software for the engine management systems which is probably a year away. This fighter is far cheaper than a western fighter with similar capabilities. Russia has also a new advanced version of the Fulcrum in production. The Mig-35 which is the Mig-29 with advanced Avionics including AESA sensors and the Mig-35 is designed to wipe the sky of the F-16 and has a slight edge over the F-15. In a mark one eyeball gun fight the T-50 has a slight edge over the F-22 and a big edge over the F-35. Nothing new, US Fighters have always lacked in gun fighting capability when compared to Russian fighters. On paper the US Fighters would blast them down beyond visual range, however 9 times out of 10 the order is always get visual confirmation of the target. In an all out war that probably would go out the window, but in skirmishes where there is no declared war it is almost always visual confirmation. This article was not written by an expert in Gen 5 aircraft.

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