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No matter what job you’ve worked, you’ve likely gone through a health and safety regiment that outlines best practices. We have come a long way from practices during the Industrial Revolution, and at times, we may even take the safety protocols that are in place today for granted. Despite everything we know about health and safety, there is always room for standards to improve and evolve year after year as they have throughout the past two and a half centuries. …

It is important for an employer to create a safe and healthy physical work environment, and for leaders to go beyond their legal obligations to ensure workplace safety. When an employer or their worker is sick or injured at work, it is difficult for both parties, and can be easily avoided with a few important preventative steps. To go over how workplace safety can be ensured by employers, we spoke to US Standard Products to go over everything you need to know.

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Following the Laws

Employers set the standard for safety in their business, and therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure that they are complying with workplace safety laws. If the employer is not adhering to the workplace safety standards, that likely means that the employees are not following all the regulations as well. As the law and regulation continually changes, it is important for someone to be responsible for ensuring consistent adherence, by assessing new products and materials before they are used by the team. US Standard Products explains that this might include allowing an occupational health expert to come to your workplace and make health and safety recommendations. The good news is you don’t need to do it all on your own. You can develop the necessary health and safety programming by teaming up with workplace representatives and can become a part of health and safety committees. When you have a system in place to support your workers, it is important to make this information readily available. This can be done by distributing health and safety information and protective equipment to your employees regularly. …

No matter what industry you are in, chances are you use safety equipment in the workplace. Whether it is protective gloves, ear plugs or steel toed shoes, it is easy to forget how far we have come. Safety equipment is used to reduce employee exposure to hazards, which can be anything from wet floors to falling debris. To go over everything you need to know about the purpose of safety equipment and how far we have come in health and safety, we spoke to industry leaders, US Standard Products.

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US Standard Products distribute high performance and safe chemicals for the industrial and janitorial markets. With years of experience in the field, they know the importance of safety equipment in the workplace and supporting the personal health and well being of workers. Using eco-friendly products, the company is dedicated to doing their part not only to protect the environment, but to produce products that protect workers to create safe work environments. …

Workplaces that take an environmentally-friendly approach to their business are not only saving on operating costs, they are also attracting Millennial workers and customers. On the flip side, organizations that dismiss opportunities to become eco-friendlier are increasingly under fire from employees, customers, journalists, and even lawmakers. Additionally, there are many local, state, and federal incentives for choosing eco-friendly products.

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As workplaces across America are taking steps to use more eco-friendly products, here are US Standard Product’s top three choices and why all workplaces should use them.

Thermal Barriers Reduce Heating and Air Costs.

Instead of wearing out HVAC units or renovating the office, more businesses are becoming eco-friendlier by mixing thermal barriers with wall paint. While thermal barrier powder mixes never replace traditional insulation, using thermal barriers in accordance with traditional insulation can have powerful results, particularly when a building tends to bake in the hot sun. …

In the early days of the American Industrial Revolution, employers neither took the proper precautions to protect work crews nor kept track of workplace deaths and injuries. After decades of unregulated workplace hazards, the government established The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1971. Since OSHEA was established, workplace injuries have dropped from 11% to less than 4% in the United States. While much has improved for the American workforce, there are still many concerns over whether or not the United States is a safer place to work in 2019 than it was half a decade ago.

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There are still many industries that sustain large numbers of workplace injuries and deaths today. As such, employers are continually looking for ways to protect their employees, as well as earn back lost production time that results from workplace injuries. US Standard Products is an industry leader in the distribution of performance and safer chemicals, majority of their work focuses on how to improve employee safety through higher-quality equipment and practices. Here, US Standard Products provides a look into the industries that sustain the highest number of workplace injuries. …

Exposure to chemicals or other hazardous materials in the workplace can lead to a variety of short and long-term health effects that put employees at risk of common disorders and life threatening illnesses.

Manufacturers and importers of hazardous substances, for example, must comply with OSHA Worker Rights and Protections, and are legally obliged to include precautionary labels and Safety Data Sheets with their products. This information offers advice on safe handling practices for everyone.

Workplace Safety In The Industrial & Janitorial Markets

The industrial and janitorial markets are frequently exposed to hazardous chemicals and other toxic substances on a daily basis — often times, a job will require frequent use of these chemicals. …

Attempting to land an ideal, dream job can be both an exciting prospect and, at the same time, a challenging task to fulfill. While there may be more lucrative opportunities available than in previous times in Englewood, New Jersey, the amount of competition vying for these roles is sure to be massive as well. Sending out applications in abundance and arriving promptly to an interview no longer cuts it; one has to be prepared to go above and beyond in order to secure a potential dream gig. …

With a degree completed and a diploma in hand, reality often sets in for new grads as they begin their career search. Some are focused, targeting industries or locations, but many people are faced with an additional challenge. How do you job search when you aren’t sure what you want?

Or what if you decide mid-life that it’s time for a change?

From Englewood, New Jersey, U.S. Standard Products supports employees and encourages them to get involved and find their passion. Here are some suggestions for finding your place in the work world.

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Take the first step.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s OK if you aren’t sure where you want to work or what career is right for you. …

The use of proper protective equipment (PPEs) is crucial to ensuring workplace safety in a variety of sectors. While modern medicine and even a well-stocked first aid kit can help manage a number of workplace injuries, it’s always best to employ appropriate prevention measure to reduce the risk of injuries occurring in the first place. Pictograms serve valuable functions, for example by alerting to the presence of dangerous materials and emergency exits. But personal protective equipment is a prevention measure that should never be overlooked.

US Standard Products is an industry leader in the distribution of high performance and safer chemicals for the industrial and janitorial markets. Their Eco-friendly products help create -healthier, safer and more productive environments for employees. US Standard Products is committed to protecting not only the environment, but also the personal health and well-being of those handling them, without sacrificing product quality or performance. …

Everyone wants to work in a great workplace. Gender inequality is the dark cloud that often shadows such aspirations. Questions always linger — “Is everyone getting fair treatment? Are we all getting rewarded equally for our effort?” While it is impossible to fix all the problems in the world, you can do your little bit by making your business gender friendly, says US Standard Products, a leading supplier of workplace products and a major supporter of workplace gender parity. You can do so by following these tips:

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Offer More Flexibility

Workplace flexibility means allowing your workers to adjust how they work if they still meet deadlines and quotas. Here’s why flexibility matter — women are more willing to turn down rigid high-paying jobs for less-paying flexible jobs. That is, a prospective female hire may turn down your high-paying job because it does not afford them the flexibility they need. As primary caregivers to children, women will often need the flexibility to work around their non-work obligations. US Standard Products states that by offering flexibility, you can help make your business a great place to work for more people. …


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