How Much of Your Stuff Belongs to Me?
Alex the Younger

Thanks very much for the redirect to your other post. As much as I truly appreciate your thought and energy in this direction, I must take issue with the overcomplication of the golden rule.

I don’t think for a minute that a sacrifice must be transactional. Perhaps it often is in this complex world of ours, but I’d argue that the ones that really matter are not.

That Jesus said “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” is exactly what humanity needed to digest. A very simple maxim that puts the burden of service, sacrifice, and possibly even love on the calculating individual (and by that, I mean us). To suggest that a sacrifice is only justified if the result is even more profitable is positively unsacrificial. We sacrifice because we love, and we love because there is a relational and purposeful pull to do so. It leads to human flourishing, which is arguably the highest of ambitions.

We must laud a truly selfless sacrifice for what it is… a beautiful act of humanity and not overcalculate its cost-benefit analysis.

All that said, I do find your metrics on human ethics and decision making quite interesting and appreciate your effort in that regard… so keep struggling in that direction. Thanks!

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