Top Travel Agents Help Passengers To Board Cheap Flights To Montego Bay

Montego Bay often referred to as “MoBay” is Jamaica’s second largest city. People, who have been to the region, describe it as a tourism hot spot. Tourists who are overworked and are keen to escape a gruelling work schedule will love to embark on a holiday to the Montego Bay area. The region offers a tourist the perfect mixture of golden beaches and palm covered hills. There is plenty to do for a tourist on holidays to Montego Bay. Let us discuss in brief the tourism potential Montego Bay and its immediate surroundings.

The Caribbean region enjoys worldwide fame for its beaches and a tourist on Montego Bay holidays can head for Doctor’s Cave Beach. A perfect mixture of white sand and crystal clear calm waters makes this beach an ideal tourist destination. The important point to note is that sometime in early 1920’s, a British osteopath arrived at the conclusion that the water had curative powers. This has certainly helped the beach premise to lure more visitors. Tourist who are eager to know something about the history of the region can plan a visit to Rose Hall Plantation. This was the fiefdom of Annie Palmer, who virtually terrorised and tortured her slaves. Visitors to the plantation can get a feel of the architecture from the bygone era. Tourists who love adventure can plan a visit after sunset. People, who have visited the place after sunset say, that they have come across Annie’s ghost riding a horse and looking for runaway slaves.

Adventure freaks on Montego Bay holidays will also enjoy rafting down the Martha Brae River. A tourist can drift down five kilometers on a bamboo raft, which will be poled by local guides. Tourists, who love birds, can head for Rockland Bird Sanctuary. One should run into plenty of rare species within the sanctuary. There are more reasons why anyone will love to board flights for Montego Bay. There are two major airports, which serve the region. The Sangster International Airport located 3 miles east of Montego Bay is one of them. Plenty of the big airline companies fly in and out of the facility. Air Berlin, Air Canada and Thomas Cook Airlines are some of the names on the list.

The Norman Manley Airport is another key facility, which serves the region. There are around 130 flights, which fly in and out of the facility on weekly basis. Hence, this also a busy airport. Air Canada Rouge, American Airlines, British Airways are some of the names on the list. Hence, it should not be a worry for anyone who is eager to board flights to Montego Bay. However, someone who is eager to board cheap flights to Montego Bay will have to be careful.

The key will be to move through a top travel agent in London or probably anywhere. A top travel planner will work closely with airline companies and locate names offering the best deals on Montego Bay flight tickets. The journey to Montego Bay will be a lot smoother once a top travel agent has taken charge the flight ticket booking responsibilities.