The Rundown

Global Happenings

Trump is possibly going through with another government shutdown due to a stall in congress. Negotiations were supposed to finalize last week and congress is still split down the middle. The border security is important no matter what side spectrum. The argument lays with how many illegal immigrants are aloud to detained as well as funding for the wall. The wall is an important aspect for properly securing the border as well as improving on the technology used. The last government shutdown lasted 35 days which was the longest in U.S. history. As later meetings occur hopefully the results are outcome instead of this stalemate.


“Unit-e”, the proposed cryptocurrency will purportedly have the capacity to rival the major credit card companies in terms of transactions processed per second. Prominent professors from MIT, Berkley, Stanford, Carnegie, and others are said to have started the project. “Unit-e”, states that the processing speed will be upwards of 10,000 transactions per second. “Visa” currently spits out ~1,700 transactions per second and Bitcoin at 10 transactions per second. The lead researcher quoted “ In the 10 years since Bitcoin first emerged, blockchains have developed from a novel idea to a field of academic research. Our approach is to first understand fundamental limits on blockchain performance, then to develop solutions that operate as close to these limits as possible, with results that are provable within a rigorous theoretical framework.”.

Ticket Talk

Facebook has partnered up with UK cinema chain Odeon which allows the user to purchase a ticket without ever leaving facebook. To make it easier for the user facebook introduced a “Films” tab for better functionality. This allows users to access the screening from two of UK’s large cinematic giants “Vue” and “Cineworld”. Anna Higgs stated, “ There are millions of people around the world already interacting with film-related experiences on our platform every day, and UK cinema admissions hit a record high in 2018.”. In the future UTIX will be the preferred mechanism for film ticketing. The UTIX demo will be live soon and the public will realize the better solution or ticket organization.