Top 5 Favorite Moments From Year 1

Started in the Fall 2015, The Young Dems has become an org for students wanting to create change in their community.

Here are some of our best moments:

1. Democratic Primary Debate Watch Party

Our first public event brought in more than 300 people!

2. Pink Out Day #StandWithPP

We participated in National Stand With Planned Parenthood Day. We got petition signatures and informed students on campus about the important work done by Planned Parenthood.

3. First Meeting

We had our first meeting on September 17, 2015. With over 10 people attending we created a plan for the semester and guidelines for our organization. Every meeting after our club kept growing.

4. State Convention in San Antonio

A whole new learning experience. None of us had participated at a previous state convention. This year we took seven members from our group and four of those ran for positions.

Three of the Four got elected to the following positions:

Mimosa Thomas for Resolutions Committee

Erin Pena for Presidential Elector and Nominations of Party Officials

Cathy Torres for Nominations of Party Nominations

We will be working to take more students on the next convention!

5. Campus Carry Townhall

We showed up and voiced our concerns about campus carry and started a social media campaign #GunFreeUTRGV.

Read the article on The Monitor. We were glad some our concerns were addressed read the update here.

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